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Location: Mini Mall, 20 Hilgrove Street, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands                  email: go@gominimall.com               tel: 01534 482828



MiniMall opened in August 2018 and was conceived as a one stop shop for the ethical consumer. The idea was borne out of the frustration of having to shop around to find ethical products and the general feeling that Jersey’s conscientious shoppers needed somewhere to make their ethical purchases under one roof. We aim to be a mini supermarket that enables customers to lead a minimal impact lifestyle, hence the name, MiniMall!

We are here to help you live a low-waste life... whether it's the beginning of your journey or not, we aim to help you make the transition from the old convenient life of plastic and waste to a new road of minimal environmental impact living choices. 

Our mission is to represent the environmentally conscious shopper in Jersey by sourcing sustainable and ethical products that have a low impact on both the environment and waste production.


We offer a new shopping experience to our fellow Islanders, enabling ownership to our customers over their preferred quantity and packaging through the fill and weigh self-service system. All food produce we offer is package-free, buying in bulk to reduce our impact.

We strive to bring good ethical design and production at a reasonable price, with minimal but always sustainable packaging. Our ultimate aim is to offer our customers alternatives to all non-ethical everyday products. 

We also offer deliciously healthy salads, curries and soups as well as teas, coffees and cakes, available to eat in or take away.



Weigh empty container,  barcoded label dipsensed

denotes the containers weight




Fill your container with chosen product 



Weigh your filled container, scan barcode [zero tare] find you product, label dispensed



The label's barcode is used to scan and pay at cashier counter